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Help!- We need some photos! 

Beta Kappa 50th Anniversary Beta Kappa - Early Years Catch Up on Old times...
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Do you have some photos of the Vancouver Alumnae in action?  Contact Carolyn about getting up here!

AOII Leadership Institute 2000
Los Angeles, California

Founders Day 2000
Cecil Green - January 9th, 2000


AOII Convention 1999

There was a terrific representation of the Canadian AOII chapters at AOII Convention, held June 24th to June 27th, 1999 at Walt Disney World's Coranado Springs Resort in Orlando, Florida.

Back: Dee Campbell, GC; Joan MacCallum KF; Melina Todino, KF; Julia Weber, GC
Marjorie Stevens,
BK; Carolyn Rhee-Thompson, KF; Tiffany Watson, KL 
Becky Heaman, KL; Cathy Bottomley German, BK; Vanessa Montgomery,KL 
Kristy Lee Manchul, KL; Lesley Ruault, KL; Shala Berry,KL;  Kristina Hunt, GC